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What’s New? Certified Male

We have several books coming out in the near future. I thought you might like a taste of one of our latest, Certified Male. This is the second in a trilogy by Leanna Carr. Male Order established two secondary characters that readers seemed to adore. This is Blake and Dyson’s story! EXCERPT “And now you may kiss your husband,” the dark voice boomed over the crowd, floating up to the cloudless sky. Cheers erupted as…

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The Fire of Submission

Here is an excerpt from our latest release – The Fire of Submission. This one has elements of both f/f and m/f – something for everyone. THE FIRE OF SUBMISSION SYNOPSIS Jasmine Walker loves her husband but the emotional distance between them is increasing. Jake is sexy, successful and a complete bore. Their once incredible sex life is now nonexistent. Jasmine is successful in her career, sexy, and miserable in her very vanilla life. Longing…

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