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Latisha Raven

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Latisha Raven was born in 1966 to a single mother. Her father, a Blackfoot Indian medicine man, was shot and killed outside a bar in Oklahoma City. Her mother worked three jobs to support her and pushed her only child to be something bigger and better than anyone would ever expect from a half black, half Indian woman. Latisha graduated valedictorian from her high school and went on to study criminal psychology at the University of Pennsylvania. She graduated with her Masters in 1988 and immediately applied for every law enforcement job she could find. She was eventually hired by the NYPD. She rose through the ranks quickly and became the first female detective assigned to homicide. She refused to stop there and continued her education, eventually receiving her PHD in psychology in 2002. By 2005 she was working with the FBI to profile serial killers and help bring them to justice.

Latisha currently lives in the suburbs of Eastern Pennsylvania with her adopted dog Blackfoot. Never having been married, Latisha enjoys her life by reading, shopping, and writing. She is retired, but still helps the FBI when they ask really nice.