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Born of Fire… Ending in Fire…

Sakima Mato is wealthy and highly respected within the ranks of Mixed Martial Arts. His American Indian heritage keeps him spiritual, yet a fire burns deep within his soul. Well known for his signature techniques within the brutal sport, his methodologies of training are considered savage. His mysterious aura is the darling of tabloid fodder, but few know the real man behind the mask and fewer still could handle the brooding creature underneath the sensuous persona. If his dirty little secret is ever revealed, he will be hunted like the monster he’d become all those centuries before. After all, he is a vampire, scouring the streets for blood and sex, and for a human companion to ease the loneliness, what some call destiny. But he knows, one forged in savagery. A curse follows him and has since his transformation into a monster, one that offers him a chance to become very human, if he believes.

Caldre Parker is a fireman by day, a martial arts fighter by night, hiding his penchant violence from all who know him. His standings stalled at the bottom of the heap, he needs a new mentor or his second career will tank before it even begins. Dark and angry whispers about his destiny trail behind him, torturing until he is left a shell of a man. Fighting eases the pain. After meeting Sakima, he is intrigued by the seemingly haunted man. The attraction is instant and they fall into a heated tryst, one involving pain as well as discipline. As his fighting career becomes headlines news, Caldre is forced to learn the ugly details about his lover. Demons of his own haunt his every waking moment as an unknown illness plagues him, driving him into near madness. Suddenly everything he respects and holds dear about human life is called into question and he is forced to choose – life or soulless immortality.


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2 reviews for Born of Fire

  • Sakimo and Caldre story was interesting, and entertaining. The never being quite sure if yes he is a vampire no he isn’t a vampire aspect. Was a unexpected outcome. A HFN ending, with the possibility of another story or a ending for the reader to decide, if no other book is written. Would highly recommend. MM story.

  • When I read the last page, I was surprised but also confused. The book had me thinking for days. I loved both MCs. Sakimo, lonely, unhappy due to what he has become and Caldre, firefighter by day and MM fighter by night not knowing and understanding what is ailing him. I liked the plot; it was a good read although with an open ending or so it seems. Certainly worth reading!

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