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For well-respected and high-powered attorney, Blake Myers, life in the fast lane in Los Angeles has more than its share of perks, including celebrity clients and a six-figure salary. Attending functions meant only for the upper echelon of Hollywood’s inner circles, he works for and plays hard with the rich and famous. Wealthy, good looking and sought after by men and women alike, only one man can keep him grounded, the love of his life. Newlyweds, the recent cross county move has been promising for both men, yet neither is prepared for the seedier side of LA.

Dyson Withers secures a posh job in the entertainment industry. Certified Male, is a firm catering to the wealthy and connected by providing indiscretions, with any type of kink included, for a price. Anonymity is a valued commodity and keeping secrets is a requirement to survive, literally. An accountant by trade, his job affords him security as well as clout within the industry. By all rights, his future is paved in gold, until a single client accuses him of blowing his protected cover.

After Dyson is arrested, his company has made accusations as well, Blake is determined to keep his husband out of prison, no matter the cost. When tragedy strikes, Blake must take a harder look at the enigma that’s Certified Male and try to find the necessary answers to save Dyson. The ultimate sacrifice is now on the table and Blake is forced to make a life changing decision. The darkness calls to Blake, the only place he can find answers. Answers he must find to save himself and Dyson, is he strong enough to be successful?



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