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Life meant nothing for composer Parker Skye. With his life partner taken by a brain tumor, Parker could barely get through the day. Hiding inside his mansion, he worked on his music and avoided the world. Unable to put the past behind him, a new relationship was not in the cards and yet his dark hungers for sharing a D/s lifestyle remained, burning into his soul. When a fire destroyed his office and threatened his beloved erotic art collection, he enlisted the help of a friend to find a contractor. Jack White knew of the perfect man to bring Parker out of his depression. When Parker set eyes on the chocolate rough-hewn man, he was intrigued.

Clark McGraw, Wrath to those that knew him, was an ex con determined to make something of his contracting business. Railroaded into prison for helping a friend, rage remained buried deep inside Wrath along with a damning secret that threatened his sanity. Refusing to take handouts, when his parole officer asked for a favor, Wrath resisted but the moment he met the sun kissed man, sparks flew. As a series of events pushed Wrath beyond his limits of control, his confusion and hunger for Parker grew. Both haunted and damaged, their respective pasts came crashing in. Which meant unfortunately, a difficult choice had to be made.


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1 review for His Wrath

  • Story of Parker Skye, Dom and a music composer and Clarke McGraw (Wrath) a Handyman, who might just be sub material.
    Parker had his home office catch fire and needed someone to come in and rebuild, in steps his friend Jack White a parole officer with the perfect candidate for both Parker’s need of a Sub and handyman, Wrath.
    Parker and Wrath hit off straight away. They both are recovering from incidents in their life. Their relationship moves very quickly. No major BDSM in the book, only minor scenes.
    Fast Paced book. A quick entertaining read.
    I received this book as a ARC for a honest review.

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