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Razer Willis is used to being exploited. Forced to work as a model after losing a high paying marketing job, he’s close to being broke and homeless. Still, no matter how desperate his situation, he refuses to succumb to being yet another boy toy. After rejecting sex with a man who can make or break him, he buries himself into his paintings for release. His lover and best friend is the only person who knows the secret from his past and is determined to drag him out of his personal hell. All at the expense of their relationship. The gift? Membership into an elite club that bring men together for business and pleasure and the contract is for life. Male Order is discrete, on the up and up and screen applicants carefully.

Trenton Masters holds ugly secrets of his own. In the same position as Razer, a comforting but loveless relationship, his man gives Trenton the same gift. Selected by the owner of Male Order, they quickly embark into a passionate relationship exploring domination and submission. Unfortunately their damaging pasts haunt both, terrors so intense both fear insanity. Horrors force Razer and Trenton into facing reality. Finally uncovering the truths, both feel betrayed, yet there is something else pulsing just under the surface — real love. As their respective pasts slam into their comfortable lives, can two men forgive the monsters that had dragged them into hell or lose the only means of salvation?


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