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As Cody Banks stands at the edge of the Grand Canyon, searching for answers, he can see only his haunted past. Tortured by the death of his lover, his only solace is his job and his beloved Golden Retriever and he goes about his days filled with misery. A Canyon Ranger by trade, as the Fourth of July celebration nears, he’s asked to host a very special event – commemorating a memorial site for men and women lost to war and disease. The honor is too much to bear.


Baker Jennings has no idea what to do any longer. His business in shambles, his marriage in ruins, he takes a vacation with his only daughter in search of finding the man who’s been hiding behind a mask his entire life. Selecting a dude ranch in the glorious mountains, he’s determined to have three weeks of peace, finding needed answers and ultimately acceptance of what he can’t have – until he meets Cody.

Sparks fly between the two men and the moment they enter into more than just friendship, tragedy strikes, leaving both unsure of the future. As both men are forced to face not only their hungers but also their greatest fears, reflections of the past remind them both about what’s most precious. But can they accept the truth or remain hiding behind the pain?


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4 reviews for What Was

  • Baker and Cody’s Story was at times heartbreaking. you wanted to do so much for them , but as a reader you are unable to help, just merely tag along, with the story and the outcome. Was a good story. Would recommend. MM storyline.

  • I voluntarily reviewed an advance reader copy of this book. Cody Banks is a Canyon Ranger in Arizona. Since his lover died, his baby, golden retriever, Shadow is his comfort. When he meets Baker and his daughter, Sheila, he realizes he could love again. They both have plenty of baggage and now with a killer on the loose, their romance has become very dangerous. M/M, light spanking, romance, mystery.

  • When the love of your life dies it is so hard to pick up the pieces and go on. I truly felt for Cody. Luckily he has good friends and his golden retriever to get him through the days. Meet sweet Baker, his marriage in trouble when he came out as being gay. I liked his feisty teenage daughter. It was an emotional read, their pain very real. When they meet sparks fly, but with a killer on the loose…A surprised twist. Definitely a good read!

  • This book as a bit of everything in it. Two heros learning to grow and find their way, which just happens to be towards each other. Some hot sex scenes. Cute and funny slice of life moments with the daughter. Nice slowly building mystery, which I like because it gives time for the romance to develop. (I always find suspense/thriller romances that happen in only a few days or a week to be completely unrealistic.) And some paranormal potential paranormal (someone is talking to you from the grave – kind of paranormal). Overall nicely put together story, however, I gave it 3 stars because about half way through the story I realized I was reading it for to see how the mystery gets solved rather than anything else. I just couldn’t connect with the characters, but having said that I still recommend giving this book a try if you like m/m romances.

    I voluntarily reviewed an advanced reader copy of this book.

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