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Here is an excerpt from our latest release – The Fire of Submission. This one has elements of both f/f and m/f – something for everyone.



Jasmine Walker loves her husband but the emotional distance between them is increasing. Jake is sexy, successful and a complete bore. Their once incredible sex life is now nonexistent. Jasmine is successful in her career, sexy, and miserable in her very vanilla life. Longing to live the life of a submissive and a well-disciplined woman, she also yearns for the soft hands of a woman’s touch in her bed. The craving is something she believes she could share with Jake, but he wants no part of her erotic dreams. Divorce may be in their future.

Her secret desires lead her to a special friendship. Luciana Darcet is powerful, rich and very dominating. Jake isn’t a stupid man and establishes his own relationship with the Domme. An afternoon adventure begins an amazing journey, allowing Jasmine to experience her ultimate fantasy by having her darkest needs met.

Will a change in their dynamic create a permanent rift between the couple or will it be a permanent addition? Can Jake overcome his doubts and give Jasmine what she desires most?  Can Jasmine continue to be married to Jake if he cannot fulfill her needs?


Thirty minutes later and Jasmine was hot all over, but it had nothing to do with the nearly naked men on stage. Now in varying stages of undress, they flaunted their carved muscles, preening back and forth across the stage. Rubbing her eyes, she headed back toward their littered table needing another drink and a cold shower. Managing to pour a hefty glass without spilling, she sipped the watered-down drink and shook her head, fingering the locket. Would she? Could she? Concentrating on watching the group of women act like high school girls, she kept her glass filled hand at her mouth, fighting back the urge to gulp the drink down.

As the memories of their extended and uninhibited lunch discussions filtered into the far reaches of her mind, Jasmine remembered feeling dazed and confused after each meeting. For some reason, she’d blocked the delicious memories of discussing houses, wine and food out of her mind. Oddly enough, they’d never talked about men. Their conversations always steered to pleasure and sometimes pleasures of the flesh but never about men.

“Your friends seem very nice,” Luciana breathed behind her.

“They are the best of friends and there are days I thank God for them.”

“They’re the ones you were telling me about?”

Jasmine turned slowly and felt her blood sizzle. Every part about the sultry woman made her shiver and as the pulsing lights flashed around them, her vision was marred as specs of luminescent bursts shimmied back and forth. “Yes. We’ve been through thick and thin together.”

Luciana nodded and gazed in their direction as she took a sip of a glass of wine. “Mind if I join you?”

“Of course not. Please.”

“I haven’t seen you here before.”

“I don’t usually go out that much at least to clubs any longer,” Jasmine murmured and gulped the rest of her drink. “Being married tends to lead to a more sedentary lifestyle.”


“You remember.”

Luciana slid her tongue across the seam of her mouth. “How could I forget? You two seem very happy together.”

“We are!” Jasmine realized the words were said a little too emphatically. Her finger twitched as she traced a circle around the rim of her glass, her mind reeling, her heart racing.

“I’m glad.” Absently Luciana brushed a strand of hair away from Jasmine’s cheek. “I’m really happy to see you. I enjoyed so much getting to know you.”

“I know. Work was just tough with the economy.”

“I can understand, but we shared some wonderful moments, you and I,” Luciana said as she gazed longingly into Jasmine’s eyes.

“Yes, we did.”

“We could certainly have more.”

As Luciana’s fingertip brushed the heat of her cheek, Jasmine shivered and clenched her legs together. This was getting out of hand. She loved Jake and wanted nothing more than for everything to work out. His words of encouragement remained floating in circles in her mind. She allowed the sizzling thought of spending one long night with the stunning woman to remain in the forefront of her mind. Every part of her on fire and in desperate need, she was fearful she was going to blacken out. She knew now that her suspicions about Luciana’s particular proclivities were true. While the thought of domination thrilled her, it was also terrifying to admit. Still, as she envisioned their moment of passion together, Jasmine turned away, imagining sharing an intimate moment together. Desperately hungry, her pussy quivered.

“Perhaps we could arrange a lunch date,” Jasmine managed.