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We have several books coming out in the near future. I thought you might like a taste of one of our latest, Certified Male. This is the second in a trilogy by Leanna Carr. Male Order established two secondary characters that readers seemed to adore. This is Blake and Dyson’s story!


“And now you may kiss your husband,” the dark voice boomed over the crowd, floating up to the cloudless sky.

Cheers erupted as men and women, dressed in festive beach attire, rushed toward the two men.

Blake Myers had never been so happy in his life. He never thought he’d be getting married to the man of his dreams. Cupping Dyson’s face, he gazed into the gorgeous man’s eyes and for a few precious seconds was able to drown out the reverie around him. They day couldn’t be more perfect if he’d bought and paid for a representation of a Hallmark card. Dyson Withers was without a doubt his soul mate and the man he planned on driving crazy well into old age. “I love you.”

“God, I love you too,” Dyson said, his voice faltering, as he wrapped his hand around Blake’s wrist.

“Awe! Kiss him.” Her sultry voice floated about the din.

“Yeah, go on. Need me to show you how it’s done?” he asked as he laughed and whistled several times.

“Grope him. Come on and get on with it!”

As the crowd of well-wishers burst into cheers, Blake ceremoniously gave them a waving finger before wrapping one arm around Dyson, drawing him in close. He crushed his mouth over Dyson’s, instantly shoving his tongue inside. The kiss became the usual passionate roar between them, a telling of their devotion to each other. As he ground his hips back and forth, his actions more for show than anything else, he slipped his other hand behind Dyson’s neck, digging the tips of his fingers into his lover’s skin.



“That’s better.”

When Blake finally broke the kiss, he grinned like a kid and licked around Dyson’s mouth for good measure before whispering, “Just wait to see what I have in store for you tonight.”

Dyson visibly shuddered as he smiled and blinked. “You’re such a bad boy.”

“One that you love and now obey.”

“Obey? Who said anything about obey?”

“You did when you agreed to marry me,” Blake teased. While he was certainly extremely dominant in his professional life, having garnered a posh job as an associate attorney for Hamilton, Brice & Finch, he was just beginning to embark on being the man in charge at home. The leading firm on the West Coast, the six-figure salary and numerous perks were nice, but he was bucking for partner by the end of the year. Those who knew him said Blake was on the fast track to achieving his goal – if he remained politically correct. While his tenure representing the worst criminals on the East Coast certainly gave him the ins and outs regarding good versus evil, representing sometimes haughty entertainers was entirely out of his comfort zone. He had a nose for hunting the bad guy, no matter how well they hid themselves under masks of money, fame and fortune. This was…

“Muah? I think you have me mistaken for someone else.” Gripping both of Blake’s arms, Dyson gave him a playful head butt. “You’re incorrigible.”

“And you love me for it.”

“You bet I do.”

Blake laughed as the crowd continued to chant and the incredibly sinful suggestions were looking better and better. They weren’t a traditional couple by any means, but not having had sex for a solid month because of some renewed chastity thing Dyson had insisted on was kicking his ass.  “I think we better start this reception before our friends eat us alive.”

“Mmm… I would prefer you do the eating,” Dyson said then gave a low-slung growl.

“Now who’s the bad boy?” Swatting him on his ass, Blake waved to the crowd before bowing.

“Yes, I am.” Said defiantly, Dyson gave him a lust filled look before stepping off the small platform and onto the raised stage.

God, he loathed being the center of attention. Blake sighed as several people came up and congratulated him. None of the people were close friends, not really. Neither he nor Dyson had really had time to garner a solid series of friends, with a few exceptions being a neighbor couple across the street and one man who worked with him at the firm. These were business associates of both their jobs, out for a good time complete with a Hawaiian setting, an open bar and a full buffet. The band was kick ass too. And the event had only cost him a cool ten grand, a significant portion of his savings. Well, this was better than a traditional wedding anyway.

He chuckled as he stepped off the staging area and into the crowd. Dyson was happy and that had been his goal. The last three weeks had been a whirlwind of activity and with Dyson finally landing a good job, taking the two weeks off for a Honeymoon they’d hoped simply wasn’t going to happen. Four days away from their respective offices was going to have to suffice. At least the resort was something Dyson planned on enjoying.

Grinning to himself, Blake shifted as his cock began to throb. Goddamn he was hungry for the sexy man with intense blue eyes and a runner’s body to die for.

“So glad you guys got hitched.”


For well-respected and high-powered attorney, Blake Myers, life in the fast lane in Los Angeles has more than its share of perks, including celebrity clients and a six-figure salary. Attending functions meant only for the upper echelon of Hollywood’s inner circles, he works for and plays hard with the rich and famous. Wealthy, good looking and sought after by men and women alike, only one man can keep him grounded, the love of his life. Newlyweds, the recent cross county move has been promising for both men, yet neither is prepared for the seedier side of LA.

Dyson Withers secures a posh job in the entertainment industry. Certified Male, is a firm catering to the wealthy and connected by providing indiscretions, with any type of kink included, for a price. Anonymity is a valued commodity and keeping secrets is a requirement to survive, literally. An accountant by trade, his job affords him security as well as clout within the industry. By all rights, his future is paved in gold, until a single client accuses him of blowing his protected cover.

After Dyson is arrested, his company has made accusations as well, Blake is determined to keep his husband out of prison, no matter the cost. When tragedy strikes, Blake must take a harder look at the enigma that’s Certified Male and try to find the necessary answers to save Dyson. The ultimate sacrifice is now on the table and Blake is forced to make a life changing decision. The darkness calls to Blake, the only place he can find answers. Answers he must find to save himself and Dyson, is he strong enough to be successful?