Why Do We Love a Good Book? March 16, 2017 – Posted in: Blog, Books, Love, romance, thriller – Tags: , , , , ,

There’s nothing better (in my mind) than cozying up with a good book on a chilly afternoon. Think about a roaring fire, a nice glass of wine and nothing to do but indulge in your greatest fantasy. Reading has always been an amazing outlet, something we can do privately and allow our imagination to soar. Writers have an amazing ability to shine a light on the most incredible, beautiful or terrifying places in the world.

In creating Blackout Books, we wanted to bring our love of romance to the center of attention without any boundaries. Love is love no matter what color, creed, shape, sexual orientation, political or religious beliefs. Love can conquer all. Through the eyes of our heroes and heroines, you can

Handsome young exotic man, lying in bed

remember your first kiss or the way the bright sun illuminated his or her smile. You can be swept away to a distant beach, where the white sand and turquoise waters provide peace and comfort. Perhaps a rough and rowdy cowboy is more your style, or the bad boy riding a Harley. You can have it all. If you believe…

We also love to be chilled to the bone. Thrillers have a way of boosting adrenaline, creating perspiration and an innate need to keep the lights on. From officers of the law to bounty hunters, serial killers and monsters from who live in the shadows, we hunger to taste and touch. When you’re afraid, the book is very good.

Come join us on an amazing journey. Meet the talented authors on our website. Interact and be prepared to be lost.